Ish has been delighting Canadian audiences for years and it is easy to why he is a growing favorite among Grown-ups and Children alike. For its his charm and ability to relate to his audience while sharing his gifts as a Singer, Songwriter & Storyteller and bringing to focus his delightful sense of humor and warmth that makes him unique and ever so popular. 

Ish interests in writing and performing for Children and their Families started with the joys of parenthood. Since then Ish has enjoyed a colorful and varied career. It was through this amazing journey that Ish found a way of expressing himself in a creative and meaningful way. 

Starting out as a delightful Hobo Clown, he joyfully mixed music, balloon sculpting and his highly interactive off the wall humor.  

Nowadays Ish enjoys sharing his gifts as a Singer, Songwriter and Storyteller and his performances blend good clean humor with today’s common sense values and an upbeat musical style that appeals to young and old alike.

Composing on guitar, mandolin, banjo, dulcimer, harmonica and melodica, Ish's style is best described as an eclectic mix of upbeat Folk, Blue-Grass, Soft Rock and Country.

Musical Styles & Themes

His performances are varied in themes; positive, upbeat, interactive and age appropriate. And feature songs and instrumentals from his four family friendly CD recordings.  

Ish's themes for Children and their Families celebrate the imaginative joys of childhood, friendship, family unity, safety first awareness, as well as share a natural desire for goodwill and open mindedness.  

While his more mature themes for Grown-ups thoughtfully bounce around from love won and lost, to parenthood, contemporary issues, life’s challenges, the value of compromise, to messages of hope and joy.  

Something for Everyone

Ish takes pride in being a versatile and seasoned Family Friendly Performer and will often do different sets, if requested; one for Kids and their Families and a later show for Grown-ups. And, or mix it up for All Ages to enjoy. 

As well as include some of his beautiful and unexpected Instrumentals - that joyfully feature the accordion and melodica. 

Together with Marion Lightly, who accompanies Ish on accordion, piano and vocals, they perform as a Duo as well as in a Trio or Quartet appearing as Ish & Friends and, bring to life Ish`s engaging songs, stories and Marion's instrumentals everyone will enjoy discovering. 

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Ish on Tour 2015

Ish on Tour 2015

Take a Look, Take a Listen & Enjoy

Ish has released four wonderfully produced recordings, two for Children and their Families Cardboard Wings & Never Say Never.  

We are very proud to say that Never Say Never was Nominated by the Western Canadian Music Awards as Children's Album of the Year, 2012. 

He has also proudly released a Roots & Blues CD for Grown-ups entitled Go West on 17. 

And Ish & Marion's latest, a CD for All Ages entitled Up Fish Creek is a carefree, poignant and wildly energetic collection of imaginative songs and instrumentals that was written, arranged and produced for young and old alike to enjoy.