* Photos taken at Little Zimbabwe Farm by Johnny Mack
  • Photos taken at Little Zimbabwe Farm by Johnny Mack

Ish has been delighting Canadian audiences for years and it is easy to see why he continues to be a favorite  among Grown-ups and Children alike.  Ish's charm and ability to relate to all of his audience as he shares his gifts as a Family Friendly Singer, Songwriter & Storyteller. 

Ish has a delightful sense of humour, warmth and an uncanny ability to entice others to join in and sing along and participate in his unexpected skits. 

When asked to describe his influences Ish happily says "Zany Steve Martin, Gentle Clown Red Skelton & Musically like Jim Cuddy meets Raffi."  

Ish’s interests in writing and performing for Children and their Families started with the joys of parenthood. Since then Ish has enjoyed a colourful and varied career.

Beginning as a delightful Hobo Clown, Ish joyfully mixed music, storytelling, balloon sculpting and messages of goodwill with his interactive and off-the-wall humour.

It was through this amazing journey that Ish found a way of expressing himself in a creative and meaningful way.

For more information of Ish's time as a Clown, please visit his Memories page.

Something for Everyone

Nowadays, Ish's performances blend good clean humour with today's common-sense values and an upbeat musical style that appeals to young and old alike.

Composing on guitar, mandolin, banjo, dulcimer, harmonica and melodica, Ish's style is best described as an eclectic mix of upbeat Folk, Blues-Grass, Soft Rock and Country.

Ish takes pride at being a versatile and seasoned Family Friendly Performer and will often do different sets, when requested; from fun filled Concerts for Kids & Families to Folk - Roots Concerts for Grown-ups or mixing it up for All Ages to enjoy  featuring songs and instrumentals from his four family friendly CDs.

Ish’s highly interactive show for Kids & Families celebrate the joys of childhood, and encourage their imaginative spirits as he invites them to sing along.

His themes for Children and their Families focus on friendship, family unity and safety first awareness all the while sharing positive messages on the importance of having a sense of humour, kindness, consideration and open mindedness in our everyday lives.

While his more mature themes for Grown-ups thoughtfully explore love won and lost, parenthood, contemporary issues, life’s challenges, the value of compromise, and messages of hope and joy.  

To learn more - check out his Concert Page 

Photos taken at Little Zimbabwe Farm by Johnny Mack

Photos taken at Little Zimbabwe Farm by Johnny Mack