Ish is a gifted singer, songwriter, storyteller, performer and concert recording artist. It all began with his interest in writing poetry and short stories at the age  of nine, when he wrote his first poem, Some Kind of Difference.  

Impressed with the positive message it conveyed, his Principal, Mr. McDowell at Downsview Public School had it framed and placed it outside his office to be shared with everyone.

At the age of fourteen, his Uncle Harry, an avid reader and music lover, bought him his first guitar, a 1957 Framus arch-top acoustic guitar, which he still owns and often plays. 


Ish & Friends

It’s a high energy mix of Rock / Grass everyone will enjoy to sing along with. For it’s about a family going to the beach together for a fun-filled afternoon. There are also some positive safety awareness issues thrown in amongst all the fun.
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This inspired a lifelong passion for the joys of music as well as reading and writing and, ignited his passion for self-expression in a creative, non-intrusive and meaningful manner.  

Over the years, his influences have varied in nature and include authors like:  Dr. Suess, Robert Muncsh,Shel Silverstein,  Pierre Burton, Farley Mowat and Fyodor Dostoyevsky and such musical influences as: Peter, Paul & Mary, Jim Cuddy, the Beatles, Willie P. Bennett, Tim O’Brien, Raffi and Pete Seeger.  

Ish also enjoys listening to Classical Music, World Music and Acoustic Folk Roots. He is especially taken with the sound of the clawhammer banjo and all its possibilities.


Ish & Friends

This heartfelt Folk song was written while Ish was working on a film set in downtown Toronto. It documents the sadness of seeing, everyday, those that suffer from the ravages of drug addiction and homelessness, and offers hope that things could be different.
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