Kindness Matters


This is a fun filled, highly interactive Concert, as Ish shares his delightful sense of humor and thoughtfully addresses some very important issues, intended to inspire the children’s imaginative spirits, boost their self-confidence and inspire their cooperative values.

And, to help them learn through meaningful examples, how important it is to treat each other respectfully.

For if you give the world the best you have, the best will come back to you.

Artwork by Violette Clark

Artwork by Violette Clark

Cleverly hidden in his songs and stories are positive messages and references everyone can identify with about family, friends and the world outside our doors and feature some of his original songs from his (2) Children’s CDs, Cardboard Wings and Never Say Never as well as some new songs and stories specifically written for this show.


Ish & Friends

This wild and wacky Bluegrass song is about never giving up on yourself and / or others and, showcases different character voices as the song creatively brings that mindset to focus. It's funny, interactive and conveys the thought; that all you are is what you do and ever choose to be.
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By indulging our children in age appropriate entertainment, we encourage their growth and development
artistically, intellectually and socially while not robbing them of their innocence.



Ish & Friends

This heartfelt song is a gentle mix of Folk, Jazz and delightfully showcases the Glen Park Children’s Choir.

I believe it is not until you become a parent that you re-discover the true joys that life has to offer. Such a moment occurred as I helped my children learn to read and write, and watched them discover in themselves the incredible freedom that reading and writing has to offer. I too am a passionate reader.
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Good Clean Fun Show


May it be an event planned for Children and their Families, Grown-ups or for All Ages, Ish’s Concerts are upbeat, interactive, varied in theme and musical styles and, focus on his delightful sense of humor, warmth and common sense values. 

And, feature some of his self-penned ballads, up-tempo tunes and instrumentals from his (4) CD’s as well as, draw from his vast repertoire of thoughtfully written songs and stories that are appropriate for young and old alike.

Music and Imagination from a Grown-up point of view