In 2019, Ish, aka Ishdafish a gifted singer, songwriter and storyteller got together with Rick "Poppa Dawg" Halisheff, a widely respected blues guitarist and performer and some of their talented musical friends to record 3 of Ish’s original up-tempo, rock and blues tunes This was intended to be a 10 song project. 

Due to the impact of Covid19 Ish and Poppa Dawg have decided to mix, master and release the 3 tracks (along with another rock blues instrumental from Ish’s repertoire) as part of a 4 song EP – IT TAKES TIME.  

The intention is to raise funds for the front line workers who are making huge contributions to the well-being of those affected by the virus.

Donations to Honour House

All proceeds from digital sales (100%) from May 1, 2020 to August 31, 2020 will be donated to Honour House to support front line workers here in BC, Canada.


We wish to thank Craig Longstaff at the Honour House Society for allowing us to proceed with IshdafishMusic’s Project to release a four song EP entitled, It Takes Time, for the purpose of donating to the Honour House Society.


We chose Honour House because it supports Canadian Armed Services and First Responders; Police Officers, Firefighters, Paramedics, Corrections Officers, Sheriffs, Coast Guards, Emergency Dispatchers, Search and Rescue, Border Guards, Conservation Officers as well as Veterans, Retirees and their families.


As a company and a musician who appreciates that our livelihood is due to the kindness of people in all walks of life, it is our pleasure and our honour to take this opportunity to give something back in a way that we hope will make a difference in the lives of others in a positive way.


As I stated, it is important to us that we have an acknowledgement from Honour House that they are aware of our Project and that we have their blessing to release this EP with the intention of donating all funds generated from its’ digital sales to Honour House during the COVID19 outbreak.


We appreciate being able to use the Honour House logo on our webpage and brochure.


To view our brochure and download a copy please visit our CD Brochure Page.




It Takes Time

Since this recording is not being issued and released as a 10 song CD as originally planned, Ish felt it was very important that all his Musical Friends be acknowledged for their contribution to this endeavor.

Thank you my friends. 


This song is a funky blues shuffle featuring Ish on lead vocals and Poppa Dawg on guitar and accompanied by Terry Strudwick on bass, Ed Hilliard on drums & Kris Ruston on guitar, piano and Hammond organ as well as Nicole Clay on Backup Vocals. Musically it was inspired by the laid back blues tunes of JJ Cale. 

It has a straight ahead message: Be clear about your objectives, don’t be afraid to choose the road less travelled, be accountable, be kind and keep moving forward. 


This song features Ish on lead vocals and Poppa Dawg on guitar and includes Grant Jones on bass guitar, Ed Hilliard on drums, Kris Ruston on piano and Hammond organ, as well as showcases a truly talented saxophone player, Oldrich (OZ) Zitek and four very gifted back-up vocalists (Nicole Clay, Cathi Marshall, Richard Graham & Tina Moore), together they bring this inspiring song to life. 

Musically it was motivated by the feel and vibe of Bruce Springsteen, Clarence Clemens and the E Street Band. 

Lyrically it was inspired by a dream Ish had, where Nelson Mandela wrote on his prison wall - Don’t let your struggles defeat you, and he lived by that. 

This song is about patience, kindness and co-operation. It depicts the internal struggle that we sometimes face, whether to be complacent in difficult times or to raise a thoughtful voice and work with others for positive change. 


This is a rocking blues tune that everyone will enjoy to discover. We all experience heartbreak and betrayal at times that is particularly painful. As is Ish’s nature, he decided to write a lively blues number that helped turn things around. 

The line, “I Wear Different Coloured Shades”, actually refers to the fact that we all get the blues in different ways, yet if we choose to react in a positive way, we can rise above. 

This song features Ish on lead vocals and Poppa Dawg on guitar, and accompanied by Grant Jones on bass, Ed Hilliard on drums and Kris Ruston on piano & Hammond organ. It also showcases a hot horn section; OZ on saxophone, Graham & Kevin Howe on trumpet and trombone respectively reminiscent of the Powder Blues Band as well as our four very gifted back-up vocalists that bring this catchy chorus to life and everyone will find themselves singing along. 


This is an instrumental adaptation of a song previously recorded on Ish’s cd, Up Fish Creek. It depicts an emotional journey through a painful and stormy period, eventually arriving on the other side, under blues skies and feeling hopeful. 

With that in mind, this eclectic instrumental version features the driving backdrop of “Ish” on guitar, Brian Landry on bass and Ed Hilliard on drums.  It features Jason Homey on banjo and Andrey Vinogradov on Hurdy Gurdy, representing goodness and hope; pitted against the evil and dramatic objectives of the Hammond organ that represents all things wrong with the world today, played by the imaginative Kris Ruston. 

Meanwhile the trumpet playing of Graham Howe and the wailing vocals of Mother Nature, Nicole Clay, represents uncertainty, fear, and struggle. This song is intend to inspire inner strength, optimism, and perseverance and is a perfect way to end this hopeful recording.